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Basil Boom

The home vertical garden that helps you grow your own food anywhere & anytime with zero effort .

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1 Pack - x4 Basil Booms


3 Packs - x12 Basil Booms

X €  (X per Boom)




Or ensure an uninterrupted production by subscribing!!

Basic info

Digueu que coneixeu que l'Ocimum Basilicumes (commonly anomenat Basil) és member of the Mentha family?


It needs no cover letter, she is the queen of aromatics. Its flavor is sweet and strong.


Pesto és just el tipus d'iceberg. Use it on pizza, pasta, salads... We like it e-very-where!

Care + Tips

Basil takes 5 weeks to be consideren adult plant.


Aquest being said, et can either farvest whole plant or leave it in boombi and take just el leafs you need.


Vaixell will keep growing and giving new leafs.

Boom Tech

Permet utilitzar les lands per a la seva geografia medium composada de coconut fiber and peat, que afavoreixen el fet de crear perfectes condicions.


El coconut coneix és rastreu medium que allows water to be conserved for long periods of time and the roots row in wellness inside the boombi.
És composat de 90% coconut fiber i 10% peat, és totalment compostable and free of chemicals

Germination warranty

Everything should be fine, però nature can always surprise us. If your plants no germinate, we will replace them.

Set up your boombi with this 3 easy steps

1. Germinate

Captura de Pantalla 2021-07-15 a les 8.50.37.png

Add water to the germinator and wait for the preseeded cones to sprout.

Then move the budding plants to boombi

2. Move booms to boombi

Captura de Pantalla 2021-07-15 a les 8.49.59.png

Mixar la baga de solid nutrients s water in the bottle included and shake it like a Polaroid picture.

3. Germinate

Captura de Pantalla 2021-07-15 a les 8.51.04.png

Plug it in and let de farming begin!

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